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LOW – Dual Low Frequency Oscillator

At its core, LOW is a 6HP analog Dual Low-Frequency Oscillator with a dual output design that simultaneously offers both triangle and square waveforms.

What sets LOW apart from the crowd is its unprecedented variability, where the pulse width of your square wave can seamlessly transition from a mere 1% to a staggering 99%, while the triangle wave morphs effortlessly from its classic form into a dynamic saw or ramp, all while maintaining the fundamental cycle frequency.

But the magic of LOW doesn’t stop there. With its intuitive CV input, you have the power to dynamically alter the oscillation frequency, opening endless avenues for experimentation and evolution. And with a simple flick of a switch, you can seamlessly toggle between two distinct frequency ranges, spanning from a leisurely 2 seconds to a patient 150 seconds, or dialing it down to a pulse-pounding 0.35 seconds to 25 seconds. Your creativity knows no bounds with LOW by your side.

Need to reset and start anew? LOW has you covered. With its dedicated reset input, a swift positive pulse is all it takes to bring your oscillations back to zero volts, ready to embark on a fresh sonic journey at a moment’s notice.


  • Range from 350 ms (2,86 Hz) to 150 s (6,67 mHz).
  • Morphable output waveforms (saw to ramp).
  • CV input for frequency control.
  • Reset input restarts the oscillation cycle.


  • Module width : 6 HP
  • Module depth : 33mm
  • Power Consumption :
    • 18mA at +12V
    • 18mA at -12V
  • Reversed polarity protection