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SFX – Crossfader / Stompbox Adaptor

SFX is a double utility module that will allow you to connect any guitar pedal to your system and to have a CV crossfader.

This module will translate your Eurorack level signal (+13.2 dBu) to an instruments level signal (about -20 dBu). With nothing connected to input A and B, the crossfader will act as a Dry/Wet active mixer for the FX Loop.


  • 26 dB attenuation to match guitar pedal input level.
  • From 0 dB to 26 dB amplification with adjustable gain.
  • 6.3mm jacks adapted to guitar pedals.
  • Manually and CV controlled crossfader.


  • Module width : 6 HP
  • Module depth : 33mm
  • Power Consumption :
    • 33mA at +12V
    • 33mA at -12V
  • Reversed polarity protection