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ORBITAL – Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator

This module is based on the 3340 chip, described by many as the greatest sounding analog oscillator of all time, and is used in famous synths such as the Sequential Pro-1 and OB-xa.

ORBITAL provides simultaneous outputs of Sine, Pulse, Triangle, and Sawtooth waveforms as well as a selectable Sub-oscillator (-1 or -2 octaves). This module features a selectable frequency range, coarse and fine-tuning knobs ideal for live usage, and a switchable hard and soft SYNC input.

This Eurorack VCO has both exponential and linear FM inputs as well as dedicated attenuators. If nothing is plugged in the exponential input jack, then the dedicated potentiometer acts as the coarse knob. ORBITAL also includes PWM, both manually or CV controlled. If no jack is plugged in the PWM input jack, then the PWM knob sets the pulse width manually.


  • Accurate 1 V/Oct tracking over 8 octaves.
  • 6-octave selectable rotary switch.
  • Pulse, Saw, Triangle, Sine outputs.
  • Selectable Sub-oscillator (-1 or -2 octaves).
  • Coarse and Fine tuning knobs.
  • Linear and Exponential FM inputs.
  • PWM input and control knob.
  • Switchable Hard and Soft SYNC.


  • Module width: 10 HP
  • Module depth: 33mm
  • Power Consumption :
    • 36mA at +12V
    • 20mA at -12V
  • Reversed polarity protection