Hi, my name is Dimitri and this is Something Modular.

After building a few stompboxes for my guitar pedalboard, I was introduced to analog synths through the KORG Volcas. After months of tweaking my volcas, I wanted to build modular synthesizers. Like a lot a people I started with complete kits from MFOS and Yusynth. But after a few builds, I decided to design my own.

For as long as I can remember I bathed in electronics, been taught by my father, who likes to design tube amp for the audiophile. Then I eventually started learning electronics at University, I went to a french electronics engineering school (Supélec). Ended up with a master’s degree in power electronics and I am currently working as a power engineer designing power supplies for an aircraft company.

In 2020, due to covid lockdown, I decided that after years of building myself an Eurorack system, I wanted to share to everyone my designs and more to share electronics advice and passion.

Email : somethingmodular@gmail.com