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V-METER – Stereo LED Voltage Meter

Enhance your modular synthesis experience with the V-METER, a cutting-edge stereo LED voltage meter designed for Eurorack synthesizers.

This module offers a sleek solution to monitor signal voltages across two channels, providing essential insights into your audio and modulation sources. Precision and convenience unite in this essential Eurorack addition.

The V-METER comes equipped with two independent channels, each equipped with both input and output ports, allowing you to simultaneously monitor the voltage of two separate signals while minimizing cable clutter.

It features a high input impedance to maintain signal integrity without coloring the sound. Covering a broad spectrum, the LED display spans from -7V to +7V, with individual LEDs representing each volt. Quickly identify peaks, troughs, and modulation intensity for both channels.


  • Dual independent channels for Stereo Monitoring.
  • High input impedance to maintain signal integrity.
  • Easy integration while minimizing cable clutter.
  • The LED display spans from -7V to +7V.


  • Module width : 4 HP
  • Module depth : 33mm
  • Power Consumption :
    • 10mA at +12V
    • 40mA at -12V
  • Reversed polarity protection